Pumpkin Smoothie

I wanted to start my blog off with this new smoothie recipe I tried. This is a perfect fall treat just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday! This smoothie option is a great way to honor your sweet tooth because it tastes sweet with only 100-300 calories/serving depending on the type of sweetener you use. I love the whole cacao nibs once they mix into the smoothie because it gives the smoothie an extra crunch. If you try to eat the cacao nibs on their own they taste bitter, but on the smoothie, they are fantastic! 

Fun fact: If you compare this smoothie (100-300 calories) to a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream (570 calories), you save 270 calories per serving! I don’t like to focus too much on calories, but it’s a great alternative for those looking for a lighter take on a Thanksgiving treat.

What kinds of smoothies do you like making? If you have tried this one, let me know what you think!


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